You might’ve heard about the man who was pulled over last week in Silver Spring, MD because of a problem with his license plates. No, he wasn’t driving a stolen vehicle.  Where there should have been numbers and letters on his driver’s plates, there was just the Batman symbol.

Batman plates


You’re probably wondering why on Earth an average man would put Batman plates on his vehicle.  But the driver, Lenny B. Robinson, is no ordinary man.  According to the Washington Post, “The Caped Crusader is a businessman from Baltimore County who visits sick children in hospitals, handing out Batman paraphernalia to up-and-coming superheros who first need to beat cancer and other wretched diseases.”  Robinson pulls all the stops in order to brighten a child’s day.

His car — a black Lamborghini — is completely decked out in the Batman logo.  His outfit was put together by a profesional costume maker to look like the real thing.  And, most importantly, he carries two large bags filled with Batman-themed promotional items like books, wristbands, and toys.

And the sick kids and their families certainly appreciate it.  One mom, Stephanie Broadhead, thanked Robinson for the gift he gave her daughter.  “This makes a very hard thing to deal with a little easier,” Broadhead said.

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